We are...
Greeks, Americans, Greek-Americans.  We come from Thessaloniki, Kavala, Drama, Kastoria and many other Macedonian mostly cities, but we do come from the rest of Greece as well. Many of us are Pontioi, most of us have origins from Asia Minor. Many of us were born here in the United States.   We speak greek and english (and sometimes a combined version as well!). We live in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. And when we get together, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC never miss the party! But no matter where we come from, where we live or what language we speak, one thing unites us the most: our love for PAOK.

Ο Σύνδεσμος:

Ο αγώνας συνεχιζεται. Από την επανίδρυση μας τον Δεκέμβριο του 2014 και πατώντας σε σταθερή βάση της εμπειρίας των παλαίμαχων με την καθοδήγηση του αείμνηστου πρωτεργάτη Σάκη Ιγνατιάδη που πρωτο-ίδρυσαν τον σύλλογο το 1996 συνεχίζουμε και αποδεικνύουμε έμπρακτα την μεγάλη αγάπη μας για τον ΠΑΟΚ. Η επίσκεψη του ηγέτη της ομάδας μας Ιβάν Σαββίδη τον Μάρτιο του 2016 μας έδωσε ακόμη περισσότερη δύναμη. Με μια ανανεωμένη συντονιστική επιτροπή και εκατοντάδες πια μέλη στο πλευρό μας δημιουργούμε έναν Σύνδεσμο πρωτοπόρο στην Αμερική με ουσιαστικές και σημαντικές εκδηλώσεις που προωθούν τα αθλητικά ιδεώδη και τον πολιτισμό μας. Σας περιμένουμε όλους εκεί, στις επάλξεις!


PAOK is...


more than just a soccer team. Actually a lot more. PAOK is a living creature, a demigod, a legend, PAOK is Achilles, Alexander the Great and Konstantinos Palaiologos fused together, a mythic hero, a King, an Empire. Born (reborn) in Thessaloniki 90 years ago, its history is mostly filled with pain. It was originally established in Constantinople (1875) but as a result of the Greek-Turkish wars the Greeks of Constantinople were uprooted from the city they built 2,700 years ago. As refugees, in 1923, many of them were welcomed in Thessaloniki. In April of 1926 they founded P.A.O.K., the Pan-Thessalonian Athletic Club of Constantinopolitans. Its symbol is the double headed eagle, the symbol of the Byzantine Empire. It holds a sword and a crown, its two heads face East and West. But PAOK’s eagle has its wings folded, a sign of long-term bereavement for the uprooting from the beloved city of Constantine. Black and white are the colors, to symbolize the black of mourning for the tragic story of lost homelands, and white for the hope of a better tomorrow. There you have it. This is why PAOK is not just a soccer team. It is our story.  



What we stand for:
Ask not what PAOK can do for you, ask what you can do for PAOK
yes, we do paraphrase Kennedy because in a few words he expressed the unselfishness that should guide our acts as human beings, the Aristotelian and Periclean citizen that puts the city and the country first, the promotion of the common good, the fan that wants to give to the team -unconditionally- and not take. Really, what else is there? We care about the team because the team is a part of us, it is our flesh and blood. BUT we also care about fairness, we want the law to govern but we want a law that promotes fairness to all. Until those laws are established and upgrade the current miserable, rotten and dysfunctional greek experience of the past decades we will fight against the powers that use them to their benefit and hurt everybody else: the weak, the non-have the non-insider and non-connected. We will fight against the government, we will fight against those that think Athens is above everybody else, we will fight the judges that don’t dare to do their duty and don’t put the criminals in jail, we will fight against all branches of government. If it takes a soccer team to clean up the Augean Stables of Greek insufficient and rotten system then that’s what’s going to happen. Ask not your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.  The country needs us, PAOK is more than a soccer team. PAOK will prevail.  
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